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#1 Website Performance Optimization Company

Fastest WordPress Business Hosting  Network in the World




1 WPO Sets Record Speed Test for WordPress Site

LESS THAN 300 Milliseconds Page Open




Every 1/10th of a Second above 1 Second Page Speed

If your Company buys PPC

A Fast Website Converts to higher ROI

3 Second Page Open Times

LOSE Over 50% of New Clients

5 Second Page Open Times

LOSE Over 90% of New Clients

Our Specialty is Providing Fast Hosting for Businesses

Lawyers – Doctors – Insurance

Realtors – Tradesmen – Auto

The 1 WPO Hosting Network was built to handle Load Heavy WordPress Hosting for Businesses and Professionals that need the FASTEST PAGE OPEN TIMES you can have for a WordPress Designed Website.

In today’s world of super fast Internet Page Times from major Internet Companies, people expect instant page open times. The FACT IS that after 1 Second you LOSE NEW CLIENTS every 1/10th of a second your page has not loaded.

After 2 Seconds you have lost a lot of new clients and after 3 seconds you have lost over 50% of your potential new clients.

If you are a professional with a large PPC (Pay Per Click) Budget YOU NEED OUR HOSTING SERVICES to get the highest ROI (Return On Investment) on your PPC Budget.

After our WPO Gurus do WPO Optimization (Website Performance Optimization) on your Website it will open way faster than it ever has. Then when we put your WPO Optimized Website into the Cloud and on our WPO Servers you will be able to see less than 1 Second Page Open times for Websites designed properly within WordPress.

Just look at our SEO WPO Speed Score below compared to all the major hosting companies around and you see WE ARE THE #1 WPO SPEED HOSTING NETWORK in the World due to we have the top WPO Gurus on our staff. We prove that statement below by showing you our test results and the test scores of all the major hosting companies.

We also have Speed Test Scores of our clients that compete with some of the biggest sites in the world that everyone knows and our clients have THE BEST SEO WPO SPEED TEST SCORES in the world compared to their famous competitors.

Part of WPO is making sure your main page for your Business is as ‘light’ in load as is possible and often WordPress Designers use bad Plugins and Themes that create sites with way too ‘heavy’ of a page and use scripts that are so badly designed they will kill a servers performance.

The key to seeing the HIGHEST RESPONSE RATIOS possible from your IM (Internet Marketing) is have a site properly designed so the Front Door is ‘light’ and you LOSE NO NEW USERS due to Page Open Speed.

Your front door needs enough information with well optimized ‘media’ to ‘hook’ a new client and your heavier load pages with richer media should be on secondary pages so those pages can load a little slower than your front door. When a new client is already INTERESTED IN YOUR COMPANY you can sacrifice some speed to give that potential client pages with heavier media to takes more time to load.

Most companies today have terrible PAGE OPEN TIMES on their main front door and the sad reality is over 90% of new users often leave a new site they are not familiar with before it even opens if the page opens in more than a few seconds.

When your main page opens in less than 1 Second, you lose almost no new clients due to a slow page open time.

The FACT IS, Speed is now the number 1 factor Google uses in their search algorithm to rank business sites in search results. Faster sites get higher position on Google now!



1 WPO Score for SEO and SPEED

A+ Score  292MS Page Speed

(Less than 3/10th of a Second)

Other Hosting Companies SEO WPO Scores

Godaddy B Score 2.31 Seconds Speed

HostGator C Score 5.94 Seconds Speed

Hivelocity C Score 5.22 Seconds Speed

SInglehop D Score 3.96 Seconds Speed

Hostway C Score 3.19 Seconds Speed

Liquid Web C Score 1.80 Seconds Speed

Rackspace C Score 2.52 Seconds Speed

Serverloft C Score 4.19 Seconds Speed

Splunk D Score 6.75 Seconds Speed

Viawest C Score 4.83 Seconds Speed

Dreamhost B Score 2.34 Second Speed

In Motion Hosting B Score 1.74 Seconds Speed

iPage Hosting C Score 2.91 Seconds Speed

Server Hub D Score 2.96 Seconds Speed

Jaguar PC B Score 3.95 Seconds Speed

Fast Comet C Score 2.33 Seconds Speed

Server Pronto C Score 2.57 Seconds Speed


#1 Website Performance Optimization Company

Fastest WordPress Business Hosting  Network in the World